Recycling TIPS

First, take 3 min to watch this VIDEO!

1) Recycle Video (3 min):

2) Recycle and Garbage Instructions:

Black Bin with Blue bag liner:  Place rinsed/dirty Cans, Plastic Bottles, Milk Cartons, Juice Cartons, yogurt containers, metal take out containers, etc…. (refer to sign posted)
Non recyclable: Wrappers, box liners,,take out cups to be put into the garbage

Black bin no liner or large paper yard bag: Paper, paper products, flyers, cardboard, pizza boxes etc….
Non Recyclable: take out ups,styrofoam,wood clementine crates

Black bin with white bag liner: garbage, food scraps, take out cups, wrappers etc….

**Take a few seconds to rinse out soup and sauce cans. Fold/flatten cardboard